Dan F.

After taking a year and a half “hiatus” from training, I knew it was time to get back in to the gym. I met Michael and his family at church and after service one Sunday our conversation turned to health and personal training. He told me about his program and I laid out my fitness goals. It wasn’t long before I decided to give Fit Dad Fitness a try.

I’ve never had an issue with putting in the work — getting to the gym was another story. My time on “hiatus” revealed one weakness after another, but nothing more glaring than the realization that I needed someone to help keep me motivated and committed to bettering myself both physically and mentally. I also told Michael that I was less concerned with huge amounts of weight, I really wanted to focus on correctly performing each exercise, strengthening my body with an emphasis on my hamstrings, glutes, and abs, and increasing my flexibility in preparation for my upcoming baseball season. I play in 48+ men’s baseball league and just came off a season where I played hurt for most the year.

Michael designed a program to meet my fitness goals. It started with an analysis of where I was at physically. We worked on my balance and my core strength through circuit-training and total-body workouts. I never felt so out of shape, but the results were amazing. I gained more than 2 inches in my legs, dropped more than an inch in my waist, added an inch to my biceps, and gained nearly 2 inches in my chest in just a couple months. And, I played this past baseball season injury free, and our team won the league championship.

As my body changed, so have my workouts. I am constantly challenged and am thrilled with my results. Michael is attentive, supportive, and committed to helping me reach my fitness goals. He helps me stay accountable and in the gym. Lets just say that I have not gone on “hiatus” since I signed up! It has been a life change that I desperately needed. I highly recommend Michael Ashford and the Fit Dad Fitness program.

Christian R.

I had the pleasure of having Mike as my personal trainer for about a year and I can honestly say that for the first time I actually saw some physical results.

I've been working out for several years now, mainly because it was required for sports in high school. Throughout college and into adulthood, I grudgingly went to the gym with no clear goal, again just out of obligation.

After connecting with Mike, his enthusiasm for my success encouraged me to look at fitness a bit differently. He helped me construct a clear goal and then provided me with the tools to go after it. Let me tell you, those workouts I would get in my planner every week pushed me to limits I didn't think I can reach!

The accountability that Mike gives combined with his knowledge of how the body works have been impressive. I work in the sports medicine profession so working with someone that I can trust in this area has been extremely beneficial.

If you are looking to take your fitness to the next level, I implore you to give Mike a chance. You won't regret it.

Sean D.

When I first came across Michael though the “recommended accounts” on Instagram, I knew something was different about his profile. He clearly had found a way to make fitness a priority, while living a very busy life. Even though I was not a dad yet, the idea of making fitness a priority was essential to me, and though I had been working out for sometime, I had never seen the results I wanted.

In just 3 months working with Michael, I have increased my strength and cardiovascular conditioning, while also leaning out my body. I have lost over 15 pounds and know I will continue to hit my goals! My confidence has increased, and my knowledge of fitness and nutrition has expanded more than I ever thought possible!

Throughout the journey, Michael has been a fantastic guide, teacher, coach and friend. He checks in frequently, and gives multiple tips to help you attain your best, while actually listening to your goals. Perhaps his best quality is that Michael truly cares about you as an individual, and is determined to help you reach your goals. I can’t thank him enough!