Ep 117: Battling the myths and misconceptions about testosterone replacement therapy, with Brandon Church of TRT Community

This week's Fit Dad Fitness Podcast guest is Brandon Church, the founder of TRT Community (https://trtcommunity.com/), an organization dedicated to fighting the "stigma and difficulties associated with low testosterone and other hormonal imbalances."

I'll be honest, I myself wasn't quite aware of everything involved with testosterone replacement therapy, and so getting the chance to talk to Brandon and hear his experience in dealing with low testosterone was a learning moment for me.

As it turns out, Brandon works tirelessly to do more of exactly that — teach others what TRT is and isn't, how it affects men and how it doesn't, and how men battling low testosterone (something that is becoming more and more common) can get access to the help and resources they need to battle it.

Be sure to check out Brandon's All Things Testosterone Podcast. You can also text 66866 to join Brandon's TRT Community Facebook group, and feel free to reach out directly to Brandon by email at brandon@trtcommunity.com.

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