Episode 113: Show up in the world as your best self to serve others, with Nathan Kohlerman

I am always so fascinated when a guest on this show describes their big moment of self-awareness — that moment when they realize that to get what they want out of life, or to overcome a challenge, or to fight back against all odds, they have to make a change to how they approach the situation.

My guest today is Arizona-based personal trainer, movement coach, and father Nathan Kohlerman. Nathan is not one to shy away from telling his story and how he managed to overcome the bad decisions and addictions of his youth thanks to some of his own "aha moments."

In my conversation with Nathan, I found myself continuously amazed at, yet again, another man's ability to take a step back and evaluate his life and his circumstances, then commit to make a change, and then actually follow through on it. For his sake, and for the sake of his children. I think you'll enjoy hearing Nathan tell his story as much as I did.

Follow Nathan on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/nathankohlerman/) and on his website (https://neuintention.com/).

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