Ep 115: Exploring how to be the most effective 'Dad Coach,' with Eric Manthey

My guest on the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast this week is Eric Manthey, a dad to two boys and a fitness coach based in Costa Rica (though he is originally from Denver, Colorado).

On this episode, Eric and I discuss the topic of "The Dad Coach." When Eric lived in Colorado, he coached a competitive youth soccer team, and now, he trains young competitive surfers — three of his pupils represent the Costa Rican National Surf team, and one is also the current Women's Costa Rican Pro Surf Champion.

After so many years coaching youth sports, Eric has some important lessons for fathers who get into coaching their children. He cautions against the mentality some dads have that they are going to coach their kid up into the next Tiger Woods by having their kid eat, sleep, and live whatever their chosen sport may be.

Eric is adamant that fathers understand that they are a father first, no matter what, and a coach second.

You can connect with Eric at http://fitnessvida.com/

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