Ep 108: Tackling entrepreneurship after the NFL, with Chris Gronkowski

My guest today is Chris Gronkowski. Yes, he's from THAT Gronkowski family.

Chris is one of the five Gronskowski brothers, a family that is as synonymous with football as just about any other out there. Chris himself played in the NFL for three seasons for three different teams before hanging up his cleats to tackle the business world.

He appeared with his brothers on ABC's Shark Tank (watch his intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6R1BnzNnmo), where he not only challenged the Sharks to a game up flip-cup, but also landed a deal with Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez for his company, Ice Shaker (https://www.iceshaker.com/).

I had a great time chatting with Chris about life growing up in the Gronskowski house, his football career, and his journey as a husband, father, and entrepreneur. Check out his "day in the life" blog from the day he and I recorded this episode: https://www.iceshaker.com/blogs/news/chris-gronkowski-1-week-shred-may-28th-through-june-3rd-2019. Enjoy!

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