Ep 111: Those ups aren't gonna pull themselves, with bodyweight training and progressive calisthenics expert Danny Kavadlo

My guest today brings an intensity and enthusiasm for fitness that makes this episode such a fun one to listen to.

Danny Kavadlo is a bodyweight training and calisthenics expert who incorporates a minimalist approach to fitness — doing the least to produce the most results.

My conversation with Danny dives into his background and how he came to discover his love for bodyweight exercise. By the end, Danny will have you convinced that progressive calisthenics can produce major fitness gains in even the most hardcore lifter.

Connect with Danny on his website (http://www.dannythetrainer.com), on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/dannykavadlo), and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/DannyTheTrainer).

You can also get his books, Next Level Strength (https://www.dragondoor.com/eb99/?apid=513a1e35e981b) and Get Strong (https://www.dragondoor.com/b91/?apid=513a1e35e981b), or register for PCC (https://www.dragondoor.com/workshops/?apid=513a1e35e981b).

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