Ep 109: Taking the leap into full-time fitness coaching, with Joel Staley

This week's guest is Joel Staley, who after years of dedicating himself to his own fitness and health, made the decision to leave his full-time job to pursue fitness coaching and to help others achieve their goals.

My chat with Joel covers his background starting with his early introduction to health and fitness thanks to a rather pointed question from a girl he liked. We talk about his time serving on a submarine in the Navy, and how he rededicated himself after getting out of the Navy and realizing his fitness level was not up to the standards he set for himself.

Connect with Joel on his website (https://www.joelstaleyfitness.com), listen to his podcast (http://dadswholift.libsyn.com/), or on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/joelstaleyfitness/).

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