Episode 102: Telling CrossFit's story through film, with director and producer Heber Cannon

One article I read about today's Fit Dad Fitness Podcast guest calls him "the Ultimate CrossFit Storyteller."

Heber Cannon grew up with a love of film and cinema and the art that goes into creating stories through the lens of a camera. Then, when Heber discovered CrossFit and became enamored with the sport, he combined the two passions and eventually found himself at the forefront of telling CrossFit's story just as the sport was entering the popular fitness ethos.

Among the documentaries to Heber's credit is "Froning: The Fittest Man in History," detailing the story of Rich Froning, one of the sport's most massive athletes in terms of both success and recognition.

In this week's conversation, Heber and I dive into his story and path, and where he finds himself these days now that he's no longer working at CrossFit's headquarters, including his life as a husband and father.

Check out the work Heber is doing with Buttery Bros: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp00ppkfPFBUTiiNNd8kS9Q

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