Tim - June 2019


This month’s Featured Fit Dad is Tim, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and father to his 3-year-old son, Duke.

From an early age, being active was never a question for Tim, having grown up working on farms and playing sports (which eventually got him to college). Now, as a father, Tim is focused on modeling the type of active lifestyle he hopes to pass along to his son.

Here is Tim’s story:

When did you first get into fitness?

I honestly think I have been into fitness all of my life. I am the second of seven kids, growing up in a big family it is almost natural to be competitive. We grew up working on farms, we all played high school and college athletics. The fitness started when I was young and has just increased as I’ve gained more knowledge over the years about the positive affects of living an active lifestyle.

What activities do you do to keep fit and active?

I lift weights, in the summer Duke and I will go on walks, bike rides, or kayaking.

What is your favorite fitness memory or achievement?

I kind of had to think deeply about this one, but my favorite fitness achievement would have to be playing college football, and not just playing football but what football allowed me to do. I am a first generation college kid and being active at a young age allowed me to do well in sports, excel at the collegiate level, and receive an athletic scholarship to help with college expenses.

What is your favorite workout?

I have to go with heavy pulls on this one, heavy rows or weighted pullups. Being off the farm my forearms and back don’t get worked like they used to, so moving heavy weight around is definitely my favorite.

In what ways do you hope to influence your children through fitness?

Just by having a little three year old repeat words I said a week ago, it’s clear he’s paying attention to my every move, he’s learning. I don’t know the exact quote, but something I read the other day was about a son following what is dad does not what he says. The only way I plan to influence my son is to continue to be active, not just in life, but in mindset, personal development, and business, and as he continues to pay attention I’m sure he’ll have questions and then that will be when everything will be even more fun.

What words of encouragement would you have for other dads out there who want to be healthy and fit?

As I am learning with personal development and business, you have think deep about your “why.” Life, business, fitness, it’s really all the same. It is all part of our lifestyle, so we have to treat it all the same. Find your why, It’s going to be different for everybody, maybe its just so that you can run around and continue to be active with your kid as he/she gets more active. Find your why, then stay consistent, if you start to become distracted then just remember your why. Write it down, put it on a mirror. The reasons I do things are bigger than myself, I get distracted but when I remember the big picture and why I am doing something it can add motivation to continue to be consistent.