Ep 98: The importance of the hip hinge in beating back pain, with Dr. Sebastian Gonzales

On this episode of the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast, I welcome sports chiropractor Dr. Sebastian Gonzales to the show to discuss an issue many dads face: low back pain.

From picking up our kids to leaning over changing tables to sitting at work or in the car for hours each day, back pain plagues many men — not just fathers — and far too often, the recommendation is to avoid any movement that forces the hips into a lever or hinge action with weight.

Dr. Gonzales and I discuss why this isn't necessarily the right thing to do. Instead, we advocate using a prescriptive programming routine to progressively create better movement patterns and strengthen the posterior chain muscles to help men overcome back pain and get them back to squatting, deadlifting, and many other movements once feared by those with back pain.

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