Ep 91: Take action every day to move the needle, with Anthony Shefferly

This week's podcast guest is Anthony Shefferly, a CrossFit coach, business owner, police officer and SWAT team member, and, oh yeah, he's a father of four.

Its guys like Anthony who provide such amazing examples of how to manage your time in the most effective way in order to pay attention to the things that matter most, namely your family and your own health.

During our conversation, Anthony and I discuss exactly that: time management. We also dive into his career as a law enforcement officer and the mental aspect of being "at the ready" at all times, as well as his mission to help first responders overcome the negative physical toll that their jobs can place on them with his Fit for Duty Challenge.

You can connect with Anthony on Instagram (@alphasworn_ceo) and at https://alphanutritionsystems.com.

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