Ep 94: Recovery is not passive, with strength and performance coach Dr. John Rusin

My guest this week is one of the leading experts in the world in pain-free strength and performance coaching, having trained professional athletes across every major American sport, as well as Olympic medalists, powerlifters, bodybuilders, figure competitors, and triathletes.

Dr. John Rusin is an elite among elites, and the work he and his team produce on his website, www.drjohnrusin.com, and on his social media (follow him on Instagram and YouTube) is incredible in terms of its value, its approach, and its message. Dr. John believes that being strong literally makes you better at everything, and that a smart and measured approach to strength training is the best possible way to ensure a pain-free life.

It was so much fun talking with Dr. John about how to create long-term success and sustainability when it comes to your health and fitness, and I think you're really going to get a ton of value from this interview.

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