Ep 92: Bring your best and better every day, with Mark Lesher

This week's guest on the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast has jam-packed so many experiences into his life that it almost doesn't sound real.

Mark Lesher is an Executive Pastor at a multi-site church in the Miami, Florida, area, he's an avid surfer and stand-up paddle-boarder, he's an NASM Certified Master Trainer, he's a father, a husband, and oh yeah, he was a member of one of the original two Navy SEAL teams. 

Mark's life is a wonderful example of what it means to constantly aim to improve and get better every day by putting yourself in situations that test your strength, both mentally and physically. In this episode, Mark and I discuss all of these things — from his military background to teaching surf lessons — and how he uses fitness and being active to inspire and motivate those around him, including his family and his staff at the church where he works.

If you want to connect with Mark, you can find him on Twitter at https://www.twitter.com/marklesher, or you can email at markl@christjourney.org

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