Ep 90: A dad on a mission to give every kid the opportunity to Stand Up, with Derek Lopez from Stand Up Our Kids

When Derek Lopez' young son had a skiing accident that forced him into a wheelchair for an extended period of time, Derek was worried that his son would miss out on the daily movement and activities at school that the other kids would get to enjoy.

Instead, when Derek realized that his son's wheelchair-bound activity level wasn't that much less that of his classmates, the spark for what would become Stand Up Our Kids was lit.

Derek is on a mission to give every kid in America the opportunity to stand up in school with his line of stand-up desks. It's not that he wants to get rid of chairs and seated desks in classrooms; instead, he wants kids to have the option and the freedom to choose to stand if they want. And with studies and anecdotes both pointing to standing desks improving attention and focus in classrooms, Derek's cause is gaining traction.

In this episode of the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast, Derek tells the origin story and process to get Stand Up Our Kids up and going, and where he aims to take the company moving forward.

Be sure to check out Derek's ever-growing YouTube channel as well.

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