Ep 89: In the wake of tragedy, how Elisara Edwards' daughter served as his inspiration to get fit and become a Titan

Have you seen Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's latest show on TV, The Titan Games? I call it a mix of American Gladiator meets American Ninja Warrior, with The Rock's own special twists.

It's pretty entertaining, and if you watched the Feb. 14 episode, you saw today's guest on the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast.

Elisara Edwards — he goes by Eli (pronounced Elly) — had the experience of a lifetime competing on the show in front of millions of TV viewers and under the watchful eye of The Rock, a momentous achievement considering all that Eli has gone through in his life leading up to becoming a Titan Games competitor.

The former college football star's world was flipped on its head when his wife, Luisa (Isa), suddenly passed away shortly before their daughters' second birthday from complications from lupus. Realizing he was now a widower with a young daughter to care for, Eli re-dedicated himself to his health and fitness to ensure he could be there for his daughter, Ellyse, for as long as he could possibly affect.

Eli's journey, not just in finding his fitness, but in overcoming the sadness from his wife's passing, eventually led him to apply for a new TV series that The Rock was hosting — which is where we found Eli just a week ago. In today's interview, Eli recounts how it all happened, and how his late wife and his daughter continue to serve as his inspiration to live a fit and active life.

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