Ep 88: Experiencing the mental struggle of weight loss, with Fit2Fat2Fit's Drew Manning

For as much as I have enjoyed my own physical transformation over the last 6+ years in packing on nearly 30 pounds of muscle, I fully admit I do not have the slightest clue of the mental and physical battle someone who is overweight faces as they try to lose a lifetime of accumulated body fat.

My guest on the podcast today, Drew Manning, didn't understand this struggle either. As a fit, athletic guy who grew up loving fitness and playing sports, he couldn't understand just what was so hard about shedding body fat when he started training clients with weight loss goals. He thought it just took commitment and willpower, but wondered if there was something deeper.

So he set out to find out for himself.

Drew, who starred in the A&E show "Fit to Fat to Fit," purposefully gained 75 pounds by quitting his workout regimen and eating as much junk as he could. Then, he set out to drop the weight again to get back to his fit self. And what he experienced shattered his way of thinking.

On today's episode of the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast, Drew recounts the entire experience and details the new perspective he found in trying to reverse just a couple months worth of bad habits. The wisdom that Drew brings, and how he tries to impart those lessons to his children, is priceless, and I am so excited to share his insights with you. Enjoy!

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