Chris - January 2019


The honor of the first Featured Fit Dad of the Month for 2019 goes to Chris Rice, a father to his 4-year-old son and a super motivating guy to follow.

I appreciate Chris’ outlook on how he tries to bring reasonable expectations and an enjoyment of the process to health and fitness, especially in his approach to his son and in his advice to other dads.

Here is Chris’ story:

When did you first get into fitness?

I started getting into fitness about 7 years ago. I would tell my friend that I wanted to work out with him, or talk to him about how I needed to get In the gym. One day he just looked at me and said, “Chris, talk’s cheap.” It changed the way I viewed fitness in my life. If I only ever talk about working out, or being healthy, nothing will ever change. I have to be a “doer” and follow up what I say with action.

What activities do you do to keep fit and active?

I love weightlifting! The gym is my place to reset. I lift weights 5-6 days a week. I am pretty blessed to live
within walking distance of my gym. So I will typically walk or run to and from the gym. If my son is with me we will go out on the walking trail together after I workout.

What is your favorite fitness memory or achievement?

This is tough. But probably when my dad and step mom asked me for advice on being healthy. I am super passionate about fitness and being healthy but I don’t try and force it down others’ throats. For them to ask me for advice meant the world to me. It’s like they said, “Hey, we are proud of you and believe in you.”

Encouraging anyone or helping anyone is awesome, but for my parents to come to me meant more than I really know how to say.

What is your favorite workout?

Shoulder day! Hands down. All of it. There isn’t a shoulder movement I don’t enjoy. It used to be a HUGE weak point for me. But getting a shoulder pump, no matter how lame this sounds, is the best.

They are a glamour muscle. So looking in the mirror after a shoulder workout helps me remember how far I’ve come.

In what ways do you hope to influence your children through fitness?

I want to show him that hard work counts; That being disciplined can help you in all aspects of life.

I want to show him that failure is okay. I always tell myself when I am about to try a little bit heavier weight, “The worst you can do is fail.” And I believe that outlook can be applied to life.

I don’t want him be afraid to do something because may not be the best. I will always be proud of him, even when he fails. I am just glad he tried.

What words of encouragement would you have for other dads out there who want to be healthy and fit?


Being fit and healthy doesn’t have to mean you spend 3 hours in the gym everyday.

Being outside and playing with your kids is healthy. Park further away when you go to the store so you have to walk. If you are moving to an apartment, get one on an upper floor, that’s free.

Exercise that you HAVE to do. You can still have a burger with your kids, or take them for ice cream, but balance that with just being active and choosing healthier foods 80 percent of the time.

This is for all dads, but especially for dads that are divorced: Be an example of what it means to be healthy to your kids. In all aspects. I am lucky in the way that my son’s mother and I have a really great relationship even though we are divorcees.

We co-parent the $#!* out of it. I think that is important. Treat your child’s mother with respect and speak life about her to your kids. They need to know how to have healthy relationships.

Them deadlifting 405 like dad one day is cool, but showing them how to have a healthy life is way better. You’re kids are important, show them that they are by leading by example.