Bonus Episode! Creating sustainable nutrition-focused resolutions for the new year, with Cam from Fight The Dad Bod

Each year as the calendar flips over to Jan. 1, millions of people pledge to make resolutions to better themselves. A majority of New Year's resolutions involve health, fitness, and nutrition in some way, but so often, so many struggle to sustain these good intentions.

I want to encourage all those who have made goals to eat healthier and fuel their bodies better in 2019 and give real, actionable advice to creating better eating habits, which is why I invited my good friend Cam Hall from Fight The Dad Bod back to the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast to discuss ways to succeed when it comes to New Year's nutrition resolutions.

This bonus episode offers up a great discussion with Cam, who provides so much solid, reasonable, level-headed advice on how to create a better relationship with the food you consume. Enjoy!

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