Ep 85: Flipping personal training on its head, with Ultimate Performance CEO Nick Mitchell

My guest this week is Nick Mitchell, CEO of Ultimate Performance, a worldwide personal training business with a unique and ambitious business model.

After becoming disillusioned with his career as a lawyer, Nick was drawn to the world of personal training and helping people change their lives based on the incredibly intense and personal relationships trainers have with their clients. But he saw far too many personal trainers "mailing it in" with their clients and not being held accountable, and so he sought to change that.

Where most trainers in commercial gyms are tasked with driving signups and sales, Nick founded Ultimate Performance with a desire to deliver clients a return on investment — so trainers live and die by the results they are able to deliver.

In my interview with Nick, we discuss his fitness and entrepreneurship journey, the biggest lessons he's learned and the habits that have made his personal training gyms so successful across the globe, and of course, how he approaches fitness with his children and family.

You can connect with Nick on Twitter (@heynickmitchell) and Instagram (@heynickmitchell).

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