Ep 84: How Jason Wood tackled mini goals on the path to becoming an elite OCR athlete

So many men find their identity in athletics or in the military, and when they finally transition away from these periods of time in their lives, they struggle to find the same meaning and connection.

My guest today on the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast, Jason Wood, found himself in a state of unease after his collegiate football career and life in the military ended and he became a civilian defense contractor. He longed for the same bonds and brotherhood that he found in athletics and in the Army, and when he couldn't find it in his profession, he slipped into a dark place mentally and physically.

Then, through a series of events that included a harsh realization that he wasn't doing all he could to be the father he wanted to be for his daughter, Jason found obstacle course racing. And now, he's an elite obstacle course racer participating in events all over the U.S. as a sponsored athlete. 

In this interview, Jason details how he set mini goals along the way to change his life and become a high-level OCR athlete, and he also outlines how he trains for some of the toughest obstacles. Enjoy!

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