Ep 68: How to have real, honest conversations with our children about health, nutrition and fitness, with Sal Di Stefano from Mind Pump

If you pay much attention to the fitness space, it's likely you've heard of Mind Pump and the Mind Pump podcast. Hosted by Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer and Justin Andrews, the Mind Pump podcast is "a top 10 health, fitness, and wellness podcast and generates over 1 million unique listens every month in 100+ countries."

I've been listening to Mind Pump for about a year, and I really enjoy it. If you don't mind a little language — OK, a LOT of language — and some racy topics at times, Mind Pump is a wealth of real, honest knowledge about the myth-laden world of fitness culture.

This week, Sal Di Stefano joins me on the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast. Sal is a father of two, a 20-plus-year veteran of the fitness industry, and a pro at separating fitness fact from fiction. I was eager to get Sal on the show, as ever since I started listening to Mind Pump, I have appreciated the way he talks about how he approaches the topics of health, fitness and nutrition with his children.

 Sal and I cover a range of issues and topics in this interview, from which I think you're really going to get a lot of helpful nuggets.

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