Ep 67: Attacking life and fitness after the game, with former NFL offensive lineman Justin Cheadle

The story is all too real for many guys...there comes a day when competitive sports end and the rest of life begins. It might not always seem that extreme, but still, a lot of men struggle with this reality.

Perhaps nowhere is the dividing line between athlete and ex-athlete more drastic than when a guy competes at the highest level of his sport and then his playing days wrap up.

My guest on the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast this week is former NFL offensive lineman Justin Cheadle. Justin spent 3 years in the NFL with the Chiefs, Packers, and Steelers, and after years of walking around with 300+ pounds on his frame, once his NFL career was over, he faced the reality of life after football and sports.

In this episode, Justin and I talk about what that transition was like for him, and how he not only dropped the weight, but got ripped. He attacked his weight loss with the ferocity that one might expect from an NFL player, and his mindset and mentality can likely be a source of inspiration and motivation with guys who might be facing the same type of weight loss goals.

I hope you enjoy this awesome conversation!