Ep 66: Cutting through the confusion of fitness and nutrition to bring about true transformation, with Josiah Novak

My guest this week is Josiah Novak, the founder of The True Transformation and host of the True Transformation podcast. Josiah was one of the first Fit Dads that I started following on social media when I started Fit Dad Fitness, and I was pumped to bring him on the podcast for our first live conversation.

Josiah (check him out on Instagram) has been through a pretty amazing health and fitness transformation, and what I appreciate most about his approach to helping others do the same is his level-headedness and no-B.S. approach to fitness and nutrition. Josiah's perspective is one of sustainability and setting realistic expectations, and he helps others cut through the hype that often plagues the fitness and nutrition space.

This interview has been a long time coming, and I don't think you'll be disappointed. Just a heads up: this episode has some language, so be warned. Enjoy!

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