Ep 61: Men who give a damn about being better men, with Stand Magazine Editor in Chief Dwayne Hayes

When I first came across the Instagram account for Stand Magazine, the publication's tagline immediately caught my eye: "For men who give a damn about being better men."

With the work I do with Fit Dad Fitness in trying to get more fathers to be more involved in their childrens' lives through fitness, and the fact that I used to be a journalist and still love flipping through magazines, I was pulled in by the publication's mission, and wanted to know more.

And so my guest this week is Dwayne Hayes, a father of two and the Editor in Chief of Stand Magazine. While our conversation doesn't specifically deal in the world of fitness, so much of being a man who "gives a damn," to me, is about taking care of yourself physically. And as you'll hear, its fascinating to hear the origin story of Stand Magazine, and why Hayes is so passionate about it.

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