Ep 63: Living a lifestyle by design, with Dai Manuel

After years of living the corporate life, my guest this week, Dai Manuel, realized that he had let his career and bad choices dictate his lifestyle like so many men today. As a husband and father, Dai — pronounced "dye" — took a look at his family and decided he had bigger aspirations for the future, especially after he had to face a very pointed question from his wife.

So, the Toronto-based Manuels sold most of their possessions, put their keepsakes in storage, and decided they would travel. And their first destination: Bali.

Dai is an avid blogger — his website is daimanuel.com — an author and keynote speaker, a business and life coach, and a fitness and nutrition expert. As he embarked on this traveling journey, Dai's goal was to create a lifestyle that fit his career — a lifestyle by design.

Dai and I discuss in this conversation why he felt so pulled to live the life that he does now, starting from his journey through dealing with being obese as a child to fighting off alcohol and substance abuse. I hope you enjoy this episode, and please share it with someone you know. Don't forget to leave a rating and review!

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