Ep 62: A roundtable discussion on uninvolved fathers with Efren from The Dad Lift and Dave from Dads of Steele

I'm so excited to bring you this week's episode, as it is the first Fit Dad Fitness Podcast episode with multiple guests. This week, Efren Pelayo of The Dad Lift and Dave Steele from Dads of Steele — both previous guests on the show — join me for a roundtable discussion on the effects on children when they grow up with an uninvolved father.

These two guys bring a unique perspective to the issue of uninvolved fathers, as Efren is a police officer and SWAT team member, and Dave works with at-risk youth at a juvenile detention center. Both men see the worst-case scenarios that can occur when children grow up with absent fathers — whether physically or emotionally.

All three of us, as men and as fathers, hope this episode brings to the forefront an understanding about the importance of a fathers' presence in his childrens' lives and serves as a call-to-action for dads everywhere to take stock of their priorities and how they spend their time with their families.

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