Ep 60: What it means to live with an AMRAP mentality, with Jason Khalipa

Do you know what AMRAP means? It stands for "As Many Reps As Possible," and it's a phrase commonly heard in the fitness world, especially within CrossFit.

My guest this week, Jason Khalipa, knows this phrase and this world all too well, as he was the 2008 champion of the CrossFit Games and competed in the Games eight times. But his achievements don't stop there.

As an entrepreneur who has built a global fitness and wellness brand (NCFIT) as well as being a father, Jason has taken the AMRAP mentality and has applied it to all situations he has faced, including when his young daughter was diagnosed with cancer.

For Jason, being a champion in the fitness world, in business, and as a family man takes an AMRAP mentality. On todays episode, he and I discuss how he uses this mindset to be present and focused in his life. I hope our conversation inspires and elevates you.

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