Ep 56: The relationship between exercise and improved mental health, with therapist and strength coach Gabriel Villarreal

My guest this week of Gabriel Villarreal, a dad-to-be, owner of Lost Boys Strength and Conditioning (and a coach), and Therapist at ADHD Counseling in Roanoke Valley, Virginia.

Gabriel and I connected after Episode 49 of the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast aired in which I spoke with Dan Clark, CEO of Brain.fm, about the ways music can improve our mental state and the work Brain.fm is doing with using music to manage mental health issues.

Gabriel, who is diagnosed with ADHD himself, brought to my attention the work he is doing and that others have done in using physical activity and strength training to ward off the issues that come with ADHD, in particular how children see improvements from it.

This interview explores Gabriels viewpoint of the relationship between exercise and issues like ADHD, depression, and obesity.

Here are the resources Gabriel and I talk about in today's episode.

  1. Spark by John Ratey
  2. Research on depression and RET
  3. Why Strength Training May Help Tackle Depression
  4. Obesity and Mental Health

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