Ep 57: Finding fitness and adventure as a dad, with Cole Zuver

My guest this week on the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast is a good friend of mine, Cole Zuver. Cole and I first met when we started working together at the same software company almost a decade ago now, and through social media, we've kept in touch in the years since.

In that time, it has been awesome and awe-inspiring to watch Cole not only open up his life to social media and bring us along as he seeks out adventure for himself and his daughters (he has an epic Instagram account), but it's also been really cool to see him transition in his fitness journey from a hard-core lifter to a movement and flexiblity focused individual.

It was so much fun to catch up with Cole and to hear him describe his mindset on fitness and the time he spends exploring the Pacific Northwest with his daughters. I hope you enjoy our chat!

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