Ep 55: Make the next right decision, with Cam Williamson

I so appreciate my guest on this week's episode and his willingness to put his story out there — the good and the bad — for the world to hear in the hopes that it helps someone.

Cam Williamson (@camwilliamsonofficial on Instagram) is the host of the Road 2 Redemption podcast (check it out on iTunes), and he fully admits there was a time not so long ago that he made some mistakes that cost him dearly in a lot of ways. But over the last few years, he's set out on a journey to right those wrongs, to get his head in the right place, and change the course of his life.

Through his podcast, his social media presence, and interviews like this one, Cam hopes to inspire and motivate others to realize that they can bounce back from their mistakes and realize their true potential, as long as they commit to simply making "the next right decision" in their lives.

Cam's openness and transparency about his past comes out in this interview, and the way he has approached his "comeback" is a story I am happy to promote through today's episode.

Do me and Cam an enormous favor and share this episode with a friend who might enjoy it, or someone who needs to hear Cam's story and advice. Don't forget to check out his podcast, and also, please leave a rating and review of the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast and let me know what you think of the show.

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