Ep 53: Be the best example you can be, with Noah Galloway

On Dec. 19, 2005, Noah Galloway was driving a military vehicle in Iraq on what he thought would be an uneventful mission when his vehicle was hit with an improved explosive device. Days later, when he awoke in a hospital in DC, he learned he'd lost his left arm and left leg in the explosion.

Like so many who go through a traumatic event like this, Noah sunk into a depression, lost his desire to remain fit and active, and turned to drinking.

It wasn't until a random realization in his living room with his kids that Noah began to right the course in his life. And over the course of the next few years, Noah gradually fought his way back ... and much more.

He eventually became the first-ever Men's Health Ultimate Guy in 2014, took third on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, and appeared on numerous TV shows. A sought-after speaker and author, Noah now strives to live life with no excuses, refusing to let his injuries keep him from achieving his best life, especially as a father.

Be sure to check out Noah's book, Living With No Excuses.

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