Ep 51: Fit Dad 7 Kids — An everyday dad fighting hard for his family and his fitness, with Derick Heggie

This week's podcast guest is Derick Heggie, who goes by the moniker on social media, FitDad7Kids. When I saw that name, I knew I had to get this man on the podcast! I thought to myself, "Any guy who can be dedicated to his fitness and manage a family of 7 kids certainly has some wisdom I can use!"

Little did I know the story goes far deeper than that. In this wide-ranging interview, Derick and I discuss his children — those here on the earth and those in heaven — as well as how he got in shape and overcame health issues. We even start the interview by talking about digging wells, as Derick and his family live on land "just a stone's throw from Montana," in the Canadian province of Alberta.

What I love about this interview is that you hear the very real and raw nature of Derick's life as a husband and fit dad. You'll hear his kids in the audio...sometimes very, VERY close to the microphone. Ha!

My aim with this podcast is to showcase the everyday dads who are fighting hard for their families and their fitness, and Derick epitomizes this type of guy. Enjoy!

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