Ep 50: The strength to battle on and reclaim your health, with Daniel Parten

The adversity and trials that people in the military overcome — especially those who deploy overseas — never cease to amaze me.

I connected with this week's Fit Dad Fitness Podcast guest, Daniel Parten, on Instagram after seeing a comment of his on a post that mentioned he'd gone through Ranger School in the Army. I had heard of the grueling nature of Ranger School, and was excited to get Daniel on the show to discuss it.

However, as you'll hear in Daniel's interview, his story goes far deeper than I imagined, and it makes for one of the most grippingly personal interviews I've done to-date.

Daniel is such a positive force and genuinely cares about seeing others prosper and succeed in health, fitness, and life, and it's been an honor and privilege getting to know him.

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