Ep 47: The mindset it takes to lose nearly 200 pounds, with Jeff Rogers

Just over a year ago, Jeff Rogers was facing the possibility that he might soon weight 400 pounds if he didn't make some changes.

He had started and stopped various diets and workout programs before, but nothing stuck until a thought struck him: If I made the choices to get here, I can make the choices to reverse it.

With that new focus and mindset, in just over a year, Jeff went from weighing 380 pounds to where he's at today at 195 pounds. He literally became half the man he was, having lost 185 pounds.

Along with the help of a motivational list he kept to remind him of his goals, Jeff radically changed his body and his life, and consequently, his relationships with his family and with food. He discusses the physical and mental hurdles he overcame and continues to fight in this episode of the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast.

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