Ep 49: Using AI-created music to enhance your focus, health, sleep, and fitness, with Dan Clark, CEO of Brain.fm

The first time I listened to today's podcast guest, Dan Clark, speak about Brain.fm and the work that the company is doing, I knew I wanted him on the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast.

While listening to Dan — who is the CEO of Brain.fm — on the Mind Pump podcast, two things stuck out to me: 1) the research and work the company is doing with using music to treat conditions like ADD, ADHD, and anxiety; and 2) the research and work they're doing with using music to enhance your workouts.

Because so many children are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD and placed on medication, it is fascinating and exciting that Brain.fm has found that their AI-created music has the same effects as the medications that treat these conditions. And for music to potentially also have an scientifically proven enhancing effect on our workouts? Well, that's just too cool!

Dan and I discuss all of this in more in this super interesting conversation. Enjoy, and be sure to check out Brain.fm and give them a try.

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