Ep 45: The transformation within the transformation, with Glenn Lovelace

In 2017, Glenn Lovelace was surprised with a $100,000 check from Bodybuilding.com while he was working out. He had just been named the male winner of the 2017 Bodybuilding.com $250K Challenge.

In an instant, he was thrust into the spotlight on one of the fitness world's biggest stages, having completed a physical transformation that rose above the rest of the thousands of entrants.

What few have seen or heard is the transformation within the transformation.

Glenn is this week's guest on the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast. His backstory and the trials he went through — which include contemplating suicide at his lowest moment — make up the man we hear and see today. In this wide-ranging interview, Glenn opens up about his journey from meager beginnings to winning the Bodybuilding.com contest to how his life has changed since.

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