Ep 39: There's no such thing as 'fat but fit,' and the difference between expressing concern over a person's weight vs. body shaming

This week's episode of the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast tackles a sensitive and touchy subject: fat.

In this solo episode, I lay out the scientific facts as to why there is no such thing as healthy obesity, or being 'fat but fit.' I explore why believing in this myth — that you can be healthy and overweight at the same time — is simply untrue and potentially life-threatening. I also explain the huge difference between being overweight and being OK with the ramifications of that, and being overweight and believing you are OK.

In the second part of the podcast, I dive into understanding the difference between someone expressing concern over a person's body weight, versus body shaming. Hint: It all comes down to intent.

Understand this, if nothing else: I want dads to live active, involved, healthy lives with their children, for as long as they can possibly affect. My intent with this episode is to educate and to motivate, not to demean or chastise. I want to see more dads take control of their health and fitness, for their sake and for the sake of their family for years to come.

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