Ep 41: Knocking out substance abuse and addiction, with Fit Dad Nic Durso

Sixty-six percent of overdose deaths in the United States involve opioids. One hundred and fifteen Americans die every day from opioid overdoses, and deaths from opioids have quadrupled since 1999. In the same timeframe, the amount of opioids introduced into the system — sold to pharmacies, doctors, etc. — has quadrupled as well, despite no shift in the amount of pain Americans report suffering.

Today's Fit Dad Fitness Podcast guest knows firsthand the harsh effects of the opioid epidemic. From his early teenage years until he finally got sober in his early 20s, Nic Durso tried just about every drug out there, had multiple felonies to his name, and had been incarcerated several times. He became so dependent on opioids during this time that even while working as a personal trainer, Nic would train his clients while he was high, because that was the only way he could function.

It wasn't until a judge took a chance on him that Nic finally righted his life, got sober, and began channeling his energy toward more positive outlets. Now, more than 6 years removed from finally deciding to get sober, Nic is a physique competition coach, a boxing coach, and a father to 3-year-old Rylin. He also has some powerful words for anyone seeking approval through the way they look.

Listen to this powerful episode, and if you struggle with addiction, I beg you to seek help. As Nic says in the podcast, start getting back to healthy right now. Today.

One quick note: Due to the nature of the content Nic and I discuss, I'd caution against letting children listen to this episode. Just a fair warning.

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