Ep 40: How working on your marriage is like working on your body, with Efren Pelayo of The Dad Lift

This week, I welcome my first repeat guest to the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast — Efren Pelayo of The Dad Lift. Our conversation on this episode deviates from specifically talking about health and fitness, as we have a conversation about the importance of sowing into our marriages.

We kick off the discussion talking about an article that Efren wrote on his website called "The Core." Efren and I are both certified personal trainers, and one of the first things we were taught is that to build a well-performing body, you have to start with building a strong core and continue to work on it as your progress.

The same is true in marriage, as your relationship with your spouse is the core of your family.

This week's episode is simply a conversation between two guys — both husbands and fathers — who are open and honest about our successes and setbacks in our relationships with our wives, and why its so important to continue to work at being the best spouse you can be.

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