Ep 79: The psychology of fitness and how Danny Burde used it to navigate a career change

Danny Burde was planning on a life-long career in law enforcement. He knew all of the dangers and risks involved, including the scrutiny of the job in today's politically charged climate, and yet, he was focused solely on being the best officer he could be.

But as he got further and further into his career, warning signs started to appear, serving as signals to Danny that his time as a police officer might be short-lived. Eventually, he could not ignore them, especially when panic attacks started to flare up during work.

For the sake of his health, both mentally and physically, Danny left law enforcement, and turned to a familiar outlet: fitness. And through fitness, Danny has flourished, with a unique outlook on health and fitness from his background in kinesiology and psychology.

This week on the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast, Danny shares his transition from law enforcement to CrossFit coach and personal trainer, as well as the mental side of fitness, his outlook on fatherhood, and his experience launching his brand, Iron Crew Athletics. Danny hosts the Iron Crew Athletics podcast, which is quite entertaining.

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