Ep 77: John Bauer's twisting path to discovering sustainable, enjoyable health and fitness

For so many men, their fitness journey follows a similar path of growing up and playing sports as a child, to falling away from that active lifestyle as work and family and responsibilities take over, to finally getting back on track once they realize how far they've strayed.

But for my guest this week, John Bauer, his experience is a different one from this, having grown up uninterested in sports. Even so, he still got to the same point in his life where he knew a change needed to be made, and it came as he held his tiny newborn child while he weighed nearly 350 pounds.

But getting healthy wasn't a straight and easy path for John. It rarely is for anyone. In this episode, John and I discuss the trial and error he went through before finally settling on a fitness lifestyle he enjoyed and could sustain for the long term.

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