Ep 75: Keeping an open mind and being consistent with your health and fitness, with Corey Paszkiewicz

Earlier this week, on my own social media accounts, I posted that when I started working out back in 2012, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing. I knew a little bit about weightlifting because my dad had been a bodybuilder, but I had never taken much interest in it up to that point (definitely regret that!).

But, the two most important things in my favor at the time were 1) consistency, and 2) a willingness to learn and remain open-minded about how I approached my health and fitness. A ton has changed since then, but these two factors remain the same, and they’ve served me well.

The same is also true for this week's Fit Dad Fitness Podcast guest, Corey Paszkiewicz, a father of two boys, a former pro natural bodybuilder and competitor in the CrossFit regional games, and trainer. Over the course of Corey's fitness journey, he has kept an open mind about how he would workout, what he would use to fuel his body, and what his goals would be.

And it has served him well. He's gone from the athletic-but-skinny kid — much like me — to a Fit Dad with a killer physique. In this episode,  he and I discuss this approach to health and fitness and Corey's journey to where he's at now. Definitely check him out on Instagram, as he puts out a ton of great content. You can also find his 10-day program that he mentions on his website at https://www.corebodyfitness.com/home.

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