Ep 69: A calling to help men live a fit life, with Aaron from Alpha Dad

This week, I welcome another guest from Down Under to to Fit Dad Fitness Podcast, as I catch up with Aaron from Alpha Dad 2.0.

Aaron's mission with Alpha Dad 2.0 is to call men to live a more fit life in every way — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Aaron was once in a place where a lot of men find themselves...stuck in a lifeless job and uninspired. After charting his own path through a career change that drastic altered his world, Aaron teamed up with a friend to explore what it might look like to encourage other dads to do the same, and thus, Alpha Dad 2.0 was born.

Aaron and I talk a lot about how this mission came to be and what his goals are with Alpha Dad 2.0 moving forward in this wide-ranging and fun conversation. Enjoy!

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