Ep 72: Flip the switch, with Thomas DeLauer

This week's guest on the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast is a husband and father with a magazine cover body, and a consistent producer of some of the most insightful and helpful fitness and nutrition content out there.

Thomas DeLauer is one of the more influential people in the fitness industry today, but like so many guys I connect with, Thomas' journey to this point started with the realization that his life had become disproportionately unbalanced toward his career, and his weight suffered because of it. 

After he realized this, he took what had made him a successful businessman and repeated the mentality with his health and fitness. In relatively short order, Thomas went from being 280 pounds down to 185 pounds and found himself on the covers of some of the largest health and fitness magazines in the world.

In this episode, Thomas and I discuss business, family, fitness, and the keto diet, of which Thomas is one of the more level-headed and realistic proponents. Have a listen and be prepared to learn a thing or two.

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