Ep 71: A conversation with Kallum from The Fit Father Blog

One of the things I love about social media and the Fit Dad community is that for 99 percent of us, we're all rowing in the same direction and aiming for the same goal — to help dads get fit, to motivate and inspire, and to connect with other dads trying to figure it all out as well.

That's a big reason why I am so excited to welcome this week's guest to the Fit Dad Fitness Podcast — Kallum from The Fit Father Blog. Kallum is another guy who, as he says, is a family man working to fit fitness into fatherhood, and he's documenting his experience with it all.

That's what Kallum and I get into during our conversation — Kallum's life as a husband and new dad, his fitness background, his career as a law enforcement officer, and other aspects of life in general. I really enjoyed connecting with Kallum, as I do with all of the rest of the Fit Dads out there.

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