Ep 70: A father's experience and emotions after miscarriage, with Bryce Seto of Unapparenthood

The topic of this week's Fit Dad Fitness Podcast is one that hits close to home for my family, as my older sister has endured no less than 10 miscarriages over the last decade.

I've seen my sister struggle with the pain and loss, and I've seen her overcome the emotional and physical toll that a miscarriage brings.

My guest this week, Bryce Seto, brings a different view of miscarriage — one from the father's viewpoint. Bryce and his fiancé, Mina, are preparing to welcome a daughter into the world any day now less than a year and a half after experiencing a miscarriage during their first pregnancy.

After their miscarriage, Bryce and Mina launched their website, Unapparenthood.com, to document their journey, both in dealing with the loss of their first child, and also the decision to try again so soon.

I enjoyed listening to Bryce's exuberant outlook as he quickly approaches the day he's been waiting for for so long — when he finally holds his child in his arms. His excitement and joy at the prospect of being a father, which is grounded in his emotional journey thus far, is something more of us dads could stand to remember more often. Enjoy this episode.