The Friday Reflex: Results

Occasionally on Fridays, I like to post quick-hitting thoughts about the major topic that's been on my mind for the past week. I call it The Friday Reflex. This week's topic: results

Fitness is not about achieving results, it's about a creating a lifestyle.

Yes, you will set goals and strive to achieve them, but being healthy and fit is a lifestyle to be lived, not a result to achieve or attain.

Focus on results only as a way to measure your progress, not as a way to measure your success. Results are a byproduct and are unsustainable without a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle.

Set goals that help you achieve a greater level of health and fitness - faster, better, higher, stronger - and the results - muscles, less body fat, more confidence, abs - will happen in time.

If you live this way, it's easy to be patient and content in the knowledge that you're setting yourself up to be a fit dad with long-term gains over short-term successes.