What's in my gym bag?


Over the five years that I've been a Fit Dad, my workouts have evolved and my goals have changed, and as such, the things I carry with me in my gym bag have shifted as well.

I mean, when I first started going to the gym, I didn't even take a gym bag. I was in and out. I lived less than four blocks from the gym, so I didn't have the need.

But as life and my schedule changed, whether it be because of my job or where we lived or what gym we went to, I eventually started taking my trusty gym bag, and with it, all the essentials to keep me in top shape during and after my workout.

So now, here's a glimpse into what you'll find in my gym bag at any one time:

  • Senso bluetooth headphones - I used to not be a headphones-at-the-gym kind of guy. I could just tune out the rest of the gym and get my workout done. But a friend suggested that workouts are even better with your own soundtrack, so I gave them a try. And I was hooked. I went with the Apple earbuds for a while, but hated the cord. These headphones are perfect.
  • Towel - I usually prefer my own towel to the towels that the gym provides, although I'm not that hung up about it.
  • Flip flops - There's no way I'm stepping foot inside a men's locker room shower barefoot. Too many nasty dudes in those locker rooms. Gross.
  • Itzy Ritzy Travel Happens Wet Bag - Great for storing those sweaty clothes after an intense workout.
  • Deodorant - Do I have to explain this one?
  • Locker lock - Sometimes I go to a gym without locker combinations or keys - looking at you, 24 Hour Fitness - so I take my own lock just in case
  • Harbinger wrist wraps and weight belt - For those days when I feel I need a little extra support for those heavy lifts
  • Gold Bond Men's Essentials lotion - I don't mind having calluses on my hands, but I also don't want
  • Simple Light Moisturizer SPF 15 - Being a bald dude, I need to protect my dome. I use this on my head and face, because who wants a sunburn and wrinkles?
  • Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio cologne - My go-to scent right now. I also really dig Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue.

What essential items do you carry in your gym bag? Share them in the comment section below!