You look great, but are you having fun?


I love leg day.

Shocking right? I know!

There's a reason the phrase "never skip leg day," is a thing...because a lot of people hate leg day and, consequently, pass on it. When I tell people I love it, it usually elicits a look of complete disbelief or a nervous laugh - especially my personal training clients.

But here's why I love it: While leg day is the hardest day of my workout split and it often makes me want to cuss and yell during my workout, it also happens to be where I feel like I make the most progress in the gym.

And that, to me, is fun.

So much so that I work legs twice a week just to get that leg day feeling.

Look, its easy to get mixed up in obsessing over your fitness routine and whether or not you're making progress towards your goals, but stressing out about a pound or two gained, or a PR not met, can erode your self confidence and ultimately hinder your progress in the gym. And that's no fun.

Every now and then, take a moment to reflect on why you do what you do from a health and fitness standpoint. Make it a point to have fun with your fitness. If you're struggling to find joy in your workout routine, mix things up. Do an outdoor workout. Try a class. Ask a friend to come along.

Do something that makes your brain recalibrate itself.

And never skip leg day!