Ben - November 2017


The Featured Fit Dad for the month of November 2017 is Ben Boudro. Ben was previously a guest on the Fit Dad Fitness podcast, and one of the most genuine and high energy guys I've come across in the fitness space.

He's awesome at producing informative content to help others get in great shape, as well as busting myths and misconceptions that might be floating out there in the often saturated world of fitness "experts."

Ben is soon going to double his dad workload, as he and his wife are expecting a second later this month. Follow Ben on social media ( to track his journey.

For now, here is Ben's story to this point:

When did you first get into fitness?

At age 10, I started running around my dirt road block. I timed myself and then tried to beat my time the next day. That's honestly where it began on that dirt road in Richmond, MI. From there I was highly involved in every sport possible, which led me to land a walk on spot for the Michigan State University wrestling team, where I evolved from a "scrub walk on" to being named Team Captain during my senior sesaon.

After my college wrestling career I worked as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach at MSU working with 19-25 varsity teams including the Men's Football and Basketball programs. Simultaneously, I worked at State of Fitness Gym in Okemos, MI, as a personal trainer.

Ultimately it led me to where I am now as the owner of Xceleration Fitness, which is a combination of athletics and fitness all wrapped into one. My programs have changed the lives of thousand of people in Oakland County, MI.

What activities do you do to keep fit and active?

I work out 5-6 days/week doing weights and HIIT training. I train my ass off. When I'm not working or working out I am constantly outside with my son and wife hiking, playing baseball or anything active we can do.

What is your favorite fitness memory or achievement?

It's witnessing and being a part of the evolution of Xceleration Fitness.

We started with 0 clients and a shitty facility to being where we are now having over 400 clients and an immacuate facility that is changing lives.

Other than that it would have to be the highlights I had during my college wrestling career.

What is your favorite workout?

It's hard to really pinpoint a single workout that I love to do. I'm constantly switching things up with my workout programs and I really believe at this point in my life it's crucial to keep things fresh and new to challenge my body.

In a nutshell I love any workout that involves

  • friends
  • good music
  • sweat, a lot of sweat
  • weights
  • a motivating instructor
  • athleticism
  • competition

In what ways do you hope to influence your children through fitness?

I was fortunate enough to have parents who embodied healthy eating and being active. I know for a fact that their example is the reason why me and my three brothers are all fit today. It's so important what my kids see me do. They are going to follow my example and really I'm shaping the rest of their lives through my workouts, diet, eating habits and most important through the way I treat others, especially my wife.

I want my kids to learn the real power of fitness. It's not just bench press records and weight loss feats. It's about loving your body and using fitness as a tool to serve others and make lives better.

What words of encouragement would you have for other dads out there who want to be healthy and fit?

Being a Dad is a gift that you can never ever take for granted. Whether you like it or not, you have a responsibility to your kids. If you are unhappy with the way you look, stop beating yourself up and do something for you. Wake up earlier, stay up later, or move around your schedule and make time for fitness.

You don't have a choice.

If you don't take care of yourself, you can't take care of others.

Take the first step, get started and never look back. The power of fitness is yours for the taking and it can change your life and shape your kids for the rest of their lives.

Chase it!